Warehouse Operative

21 Jul by Kim

Warehouse Operative

We have a great opportunity for a hardworking, dedicated, and flexible individual to join our warehouse group. The successful candidate is required to be hands-on, efficient, proactive, and at the same time driven by results and success.

Responsibilities and functions

  • Load and unload distribution vehicles and containers.
  • Assess both received supply and outgoing supply for deficiencies, damages and ensure there is no missing supply.
  • Attend to deliveries timeously and report any delivery delays to the supervisor or manager.
  • Record and report supply that is missing, defective, damaged, and the supply that does not meet the quality standards.
  • Maintain accurate records for incoming, supply exiting the warehouse, as well as supply moving around within the warehouse.
  • Fulfil the performance targets set, and assist various warehouse teams to meet their targets.
  • Timeously record malfunctioning of warehouse devices and machinery.
  • Organise and store supply within the warehouse, and make certain all supply is kept in its correct storage bays.
  • Trace and find stock using a hand-held scanner.
  • Continually follow the health and safety requirements of the warehouse.

Competencies and skills

  • Good coordination and organisation skills.
  • Good time management skills.
  • Excellent team player.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to collaborate.