Warehouse Operative

21 Jul by Kim

Warehouse Operative

We are seeking a Warehouse Operative to join our team and contribute positively to our warehouse. The Warehouse Operative candidate will be responsible for loading supply, unloading supply, wrapping, labelling, and storing the received supply. The candidate will furthermore, be responsible to assess all incoming supply for damages, deficiencies and validate that all supply is received according to the order.

Responsibilities and functions

  • Load, unload, wrap, label, sort and store supply in its correct storage bays and under the correct conditions.
  • Maintain accurate and clear documents on all inventory incoming and outbound supplies.
  • Evaluate incoming and outbound supplies for damages and missing products.
  • Organise and store supplies and equipment according to the warehouse layout.
  • Check and confirm that orders are correct before sending them for dispatch.
  • Clean and clear containers before loading supplies.
  • Responsibly move supply around, using the warehouse equipment and machinery.
  • Abide by the Health and Safety requirements of the warehouse.
  • Make sure that the warehouse operating procedures and practices are continually adhered to.
  • Conduct basic administrative and reporting responsibilities.
  • Help various other warehouse groups to achieve their targets.

Competencies and skills

  • Great communication skills.
  • Be a great team player.
  • Good organisation and prioritisation.
  • Be reliable, trustworthy with good timekeeping abilities.